Did you know?

  • The last UK witch trial was in 1944. Helen Duncan was convicted and sent to Holloway Prison.
  • Himmler had a round table made for a group of Tuetonic Knights (SS Officers). Part of their role was to investigate the possibilities of using magic and the occult to help Hitler win the war.
  • The British Government funded a coven of witches and had them cast spells to protect Britain from Nazi magic.  

Fact can often be stranger than fiction!

LATEST NEWS! STORM CLOUDS HAS BEGUN -                         CHARACTERS ARE ALREADY PLAYING!                               See "What's On" section above for more details.

Players Handbook has been published. Click here for a preview.

 Storm Clouds was initially inspired by the true stories above.  We made two TV documentaries about Helen Duncan - the First for "True Horror with Antony Head" and the second, "Tony Robinson and the Blitz Witch" which was shown on Channel 4 this Christmas.  Well that meant we were sitting on large stocks of costumes and props. We then sat down for a DVD night and after wacthing Enigma and Hellboy decided we had to have a go at this.

So here you have it. An investigative LRP game with a horror/occult slant set in the dark days of World War Two.  A two stage game with distance play between live adventures and the sort of quality LRP game you might expect from a professional TV Art company but done for fun. It's free to join and costs are kept as low as possible for adventures. Places are however very limited so sign up now.

Brand new investigative LRP game set in Wartime Britain

  • First class costumes and props, everything from telephones to jeeps.
  • Non commercial and affordable with events for all pockets.
  • Occult and supernatural based game.
  • Multi layered intrigue and character interaction.
  • Extensive web based play leading up to events.

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Look out - Storm clouds are gathering!