CHARACters in Stormclouds


Characters are created in negotiation with the Keepers to allow for maximum possible creativity and inspiration for the players. However there are two basic parts two a character; their profession and the "secret bits". The aspect of being an occultist (see later) is a bit of a crossover of both areas. A character's profession is their obvious outward persona. This is what they do for a living and has a bearing to what access they have to certain parts of the game as well as how they are treated by non player characters within the game. The "Secret Bits" are hidden aspects to a character, they might be spies or intelligence operatives, cultists or members of secret organisations. Not every character will have "secret bits". You need to create a character in collaboration with the Keepers.Sign up for free at the Web Group and you can download the character sheet which is a word format document.Complete it and email it to the keepers at

 Military.  Well it is war time after all. Don’t you think you should be doing your bit?Of course you would expect to encounter military types in Storm Clouds but there are some people who you may not have come across before:

SIS Section 13.  The secret intelligence service’s specialised section dealing with the occult and paranormal. Drawn from all branches of the services these chaps can often be found sniffing around any unusual happenings.

ISB.The Internal Security Branch. Very sceptical, very nosy and very much on the ball.  The ISB’s job is to make sure everyone else is batting for the right side and to make sure Britain will be forever great.

SDS. The Special Defence Squadron.  Troops charged with facing up to some of the less orthodox threats facing the nation and sometimes having access to less than orthodox methods for doing so.

The military will ordinarily be appearing in uniform and will be expected to follow orders. Failing to follow orders can have very dire consequences indeed. Civilians have a little more leeway in their actions.

Scientists (Boffins). Well all of those crazy devices have either got to be made or investigated by someone with a brain.

Academics. Well the dreaming spires aren’t the only place you can learn you know. There is a lot to be said for field research too. 

Chancers:  Freelance adventurers, investigators and rogues. A lot of freedom to chase the answers but with a lot of distrust automatically from the establishment.   Possible trades include reporters and photographers for “The Times”, Antique Dealers, Lawyers,  etc.

Government: Suits, the men from the ministry, the fuzz. Call them what you will but the establishment will awlays be around and keeping an eye on things.

Eccentrics.  Oddity investigators and snoops.  Retired army officers, little old ladies and diminutive Belgian detectives to name but a few.

Occultists. Some of the above professions also have the opportunity to develop their more esoteric side as occultists. Fancy being a medium, psychic or witch? This is your chance.

To make the game work however the abilities are all replicated using technology and SFX rather than relying on the sort of shouts and paperwork familiar in other LRP games. Mediums have a receiver earpiece and a "spirit guide" offering clues and advice real time throughout the game whilst psychics can actually "read" objects and people. As for witches, well why not come along and find out...

The Secret Bits.  As you might expect from a game like this it is the sub plots and intrigue which make it.  You are therefore free to “volunteer” for the shadier aspects of society. You may or may not be accepted and you may or may not be informed of your acceptance. (You might find yourself being approached once the campaign is underway for example.)  Flag up the option(s) you are interested in (if any) and hope the powers that be are interested in you……

·        Intelligence operative.  Choose your nation: Britain, America, Germany or Russia.

·        Secret society member.  Choose whether you want to work for good or evil.

·        Criminal underworld.

Sorry this is all so sketchy but if it wasn’t then it wouldn’t be secret would it?


If you are already a World War 2 re-enactor: We can probably create you a character which fits in with your existing uniform/unit etc.  Servicemen and women can operate as chancers, be seconded to Section 13, ISB or the SDS, involved in scientific units etc. Let us know everything you can about your existing kit and what sort of thing you would like to play and we will do our best to accommodate you.

 Sign up at:

Please put in some description of your character.  Try to put some flesh on the bones as it were. This does not necessarily mean that this will be approved but it will be taken into consideration in the creation of your character.  Please bear in mind your own age and appearance.  Don’t expect to play a retired army colonel who served in WW1 if you are only 22 for example.  Try to make characters fairly believable rather than comedic caricatures if you can.  If you can please email a good jpeg picture of yourself along with your application.  We are looking for a head and shoulders shot for dossiers/identity documents etc.  If you can wear period costume please do so, if you can’t then please wear something non descript e.g. a plain dress for women or a plain shirt for men.  Try to look as period as possible but please send it as a colour picture. We will play around with converting to black and white etc but would like a colour image for the file. Thanks.


The Keepers will look at your requests and draw up your character for you.  We aim to make it as playable and enjoyable as we can. Just because you have not got everything you have requested in your initial return does not mean these things won’t come to you.  Remember the real joy from a character is having it grow and develop.


Once you have a character you will be invited to join additional web groups giving access to further parts of the game. You are now ready to play. Involvement in the online, intrigue parts of the campaign is free and you can start immediately. For legal reasons you must be a member to take part in live events.  You can complete a formal application for membership using the form available in the files section of the Storm Clouds web group.