Storm Clouds runs in real time in two parts: "Down Time" and "Adventures"

The campaign quite simply takes 70 years off the current date. The game therefore went live as November 30th 1938. It is still the year before the war which will be declared in September of 2009. The game will run for the next six years.


Unfortunately we all have to live in the real world, at least part of the time but that does not mean we can't be enjoying Storm Clouds all of the time. This is where Down Time comes in. Down Time is perhaps more akin to play by mail than traditional LRP since it involves character actions and interactions in the time between face to face adventures. This is essential since Storm Clouds is essentially an investigative/discovery type LRP game and it has the real time element as outlined previously.
There are several internet web groups established which your character may be able to access subject to his/her profession and affiliations. These facilitate rumours, news, intelligence NPC and PC interactions and research. You will also receive regular individual returns by email. You should take time to consider your returns and then write back to the Keepers stating what your character wants to do about anything contained therein. As the game develops you may also find yourself receiving packages and articles through the mail. These may be artefacts, clues, notes etc which will have a bearing on your next live adventure or require you doing physical research. You might actually have to go out and visit a museum or library for example!
It is essential you have internet access therefore to be able to participate. You are advised to create an email account in your character name with yahoo since this makes it easier to access the in character areas.
Down Time play also allows people to participate who might find it difficult to attend an adventure for one reason or another. There is even scope for some players to join who who may never appear as live characters but even so will have an effect on the game's progress.

Make sure you respond to your returns etc and give the Keepers feedback and instructions to fully access and enjoy this aspect of Storm Clouds.


These are where the Live part of LRP come in. On an adventure you attend in costume and role play your character interacting in real time with other players and non player characters to see how a free form story evolves. You must be a member to take part in an adventure. (See membership.)
Adventures are ordinarily run at the weekend and last from 24 to 48 hours. You will need to get yourself to the location and may need to bring a camp bed and sleeping bag. You will be fed but depending upon the scenario (and rationing) this might not be too appetising so a few snacks (preferably in period packaging) might not go amiss.
You will need to provide yourself with a costume. See the Costume section here for advice and guidelines.
You will not initially need any weaponry or props. All game essential props etc will be provided at the location for the adventure to run. You may want to acquire some personal equipment as the game progresses however in addition to some items which you may obtain during the course of adventures.
In response to player feedback all adventures will also have some time set aside when you can drop out of character to interact and socialise with the Keepers, other players and actors. This time will be clearly delineated as "Out Time" and allows you to relax and enjoy the social aspects of the game.
Adventures are publicised in advance through the main Storm Clouds forum. You need to book your place on the adventure in plenty of time so character specific plotlines can be included for you in the adventure. Although the overall plot is already outlined the actions of characters on adventures will have a major bearing on the game and thus will direct the adventures over time.
Whilst the adventure is running as "Time In" you will be expected to play your character to the best of your ability. You will also be expected to stick to the social rules of the time. A soldier can't go around striking superior officers for example or ignoring an air raid warden who directs them to a shelter in a raid