In order to attend a live Adventure you must become a member. The initial membership fee is £20. This makes you a member of the "Storm Clouds Wartime re-enactment Group". This is important since it allows you to borrow or own replica weapons under the Violent Crime Reduction Act. It also gives you public liability insurance under associate membership of the Shooters' Rights Organisation.

You receive:

A Society Membership Card.

Your wartime, in character,  Identity Documents.

Shooter's Rights membership card with insurance details.

A copy of the players handbook.

You are also then able to book for live adventures. Please note you do not have to be a member to join in with Down Time play.

Ongoing membership is set each year and is substantially cheaper since you only receive your new Shooter's Rights card with the majority of the fee paying for your insurance.

See the shop area for details on how to join and our other products.